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We are Leanne & Michelle & together we are THE ARTY APPLES Limited

We are an English mother (Michelle) and daughter(Leanne) team. We set up The Arty Apples back in 2012 and have been growing the brand ever since!


♥ Leanne: "Ever since I was a kid, I have loved drawing, coloring and making things out just about anything I could lay my hands on. I started out making for my own children as an alternative to mass produced children's art. While browsing the aisles in various shops not ever finding what I really wanted I decided to design and make it myself."


♥ Michelle: "I have always hand drawn gifts for friends birthdays and special occasions. These gifts were always well received. Leanne introduced me to digital art back in 2010 and I fell in love with it. With the computer anything is possible it's like learning to draw all over again with all the excitement my creativity just blossomed! So that's why we created TheArtyApples."



We make many printable art gifts in the Shop as we believe that a personalised gift is the most thoughtful gift you can give. It is giving the gift of "love". 

Personalised gifts are a meaningful way to cherish and preserve memories. With all life’s events whether it is a gorgeous wedding, a romantic engagement, an anniversary, a new baby, a graduation, or world travel it is lovely to receive cards and generic gifts. In reality, however, many of these get shoved in boxes and stored in attics never to see daylight. We at The Arty Apples want to change this. We want people to re-live celebrations and be reminded daily of the memories and love of past events. With this in mind, we created many pieces of celebratory Wall Art that can be hung around the home. It will provoke memories, engage guests and simply look good! 

We really hope you enjoy browsing our Collection’s. We are sure to have a design just perfect for you, however if one of our designs spark an idea you have please Convo us here.

"We will help turn your vision into a creative reality" Custom work is our specialty. We love working with moms, husbands, sisters, Daughters, brides and party planners to create a special art print to commemorate your special day. 

All work is copyrighted © 2012-2021, The Arty Apples Limited 


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