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FAQ's & Policies



1. STRICTLY for PERSONAL USE ONLY - NO commercial business use.

2. Purchase does not transfer rights the designs remain the property of The Arty Apples and may not be claimed as your own.

3. Designs may not be used to create manufactured products for sale, either digital or physical.

4. You cannot resell ANY of our work or give away as Freebies

Q: What is a Printable?

A: A printable is an image file that you print yourself NO PHYSICAL PRINT is shipped to you.


Q: I've never ordered a printable how does it work?

A: If you're ordering an UN-PERSONALISED instant download then as soon as payment clears you will be provided with a link to download your files. 

If you have chosen a customised item please add the product you want to your cart. Include all information requested in the FULL listing description to the "notes" section at checkout or if wording exceeds limit email it to us The product will be customized with your information and you will receive your file via your provided email!


Q: Where can I print my image file?

A: You have several options:

• Your home printer (please use highest quality setting you have)

• Your local print shop (in our opinion usually best quality and value)

• A stationery store or photo processing centre such as Staples Walmat, Costco, Office Depot

• Online at websites




UK - Again you can take it to any local printers (Asda, Tesco, Staples ....)

Or Use these online websites


Q: What Kind of Paper should I Print onto?

A: For all of our printables you can choose glossy, luster or matte photo paper or even textured card stock it really is a personal choice. We suggest a medium to heavy weight for the best finish.

For any printables that have “fake glitter” or "Gold effect"  we would suggest you choose glossy photo paper (the same you’d choose for pictures taken with your camera). If you are using a frame with glass, you’ll need to add a mat so the picture does not stick to the glass. This does not happen if the frame has an acrylic sheet instead of glass. Click here to test print the effects we use.


Q: Is this Image customizable?

A: Please refer to the FULL Listing description as all changes permitted are listed and often we link to other listings where more personalisation is allowed. We also take custom orders so if you have an idea please email us and we will do our best to help.


Q: Do you take custom order?

A: Yes we do! Please let us know if we can make something extra special just for you. We are happy to take custom orders.


Q: What is your customised item turnaround?

A: We try where possible to work to a 24 hour turnaround. Please ensure you fully read the listing and supply all of the requested information or your order may be delayed as we try to contact you to collect extra information. If you require it quickly please let us know and we'll do our very best to get you the digital file more quickly.


Q: What does "Glitter" and "Gold" Printables mean?

A: Our glitter or metallic printables will print just like a picture. The glitter look is just a fake glitter texture and therefore no actual glitter or metallic foil will appear when printed. Click Here  to see how golden glitter or gold foil will look when printed.


Q: Do I need Black Card to print out Chalkboard images?

A: No, Our chalkboard or black images will print just like a picture. The blackboard look is embedded within the file and will appear when printed on to normal white paper.


Q: Can you print and frame for me?

A: No, We send the file to you digitally. It is a high-quality jpeg so is print-ready. Printing will cost a few dollars and it's less expensive to print at your end rather than have us print it and then you will incur shipping costs. Again with framing if we were to print, frame and ship the shipping costs rise significantly. We create images in the standard frame size (5x7, 10x8, 11x14, 16x20) but if you have a specific frame/size you would like we will try our best to accommodate this but please email us first to ensure the design is suitable for the size requested.


Q: Can I alter the Download?

A: No you cannot alter any of our files but most of our downloads have a link to and amendment upgrade listing but if you are in any doubt please email us prior to Purchase. Instant downloads are sold as they are, in listed sizes, colors and quotes. 


Q: Will the Colours Exactly match my monitor?

A: Not always, monitors use RGB to make color and printers use CMYK. The results will be similar but NOT identical. There will be color variation between your monitor and what prints. You can print out a sample of our color chart here to help determine how the colors will look once printed.


Q: Can I get a Refund?

A: Due to the nature of digital items once a file has been sent it can’t be returned, and therefore there is no possibility of refunding. If you bought an instant download but you haven't downloaded it you can get a refund by messaging us so we can cancel your order once you download all sales are final.

CUSTOMISED PRINTABLES - If you are ordering a custom printable please note that you can cancel your order only before we start working on it and before a proof or final file has been sent. Therefore if you have ordered something by mistake, please contact us as soon as possible so we can cancel your order before we start working on it.

Display color on your monitor can be very different to the printed color on your printer. We unfortunately can do nothing about this, each monitor and printer are different and maybe they are not calibrated. If you have this problem, please google how to calibrate your display and printer. We cannot refund or modify our items for free if you get this problem. Please print a free color chart to determine colors prior to ordering.


Q: Do I Own the License after purchase?

A: No you are buying the image for Personal use ONLY By purchasing these images you are not purchasing the rights.

All copyrights are retained by the artist. ©2012-2017 Leanne Hopkins


Q: Do you sell commercial licenses?

A: No unless it is a fully custom order designed specifically for you then we may be able to help please ask BEFORE you buy as we will only sell at our discretion. If you have any questions or you’d like to buy commercial licenses, please, email us! Thank you.


Q: My printer needs a 3mm bleed?

A: No problem but please mention at the time of ordering in the "Notes"


Q: I want to print my custom image on a canvas?

A: No problem but this MUST be mentioned in the notes when ordered so we can calibrate the file with the additional wrap edge required if not mentioned during checkout we may charge to amend the design.


Q: Do you offer printing?

A: We DO NOT offer any printed items. You are fully responsible for printing any files purchased.


Q: Do you store our images indefinitely?

A: No, The Arty Apples has a 60 days POLICY to keep your data. It is your responsibility to back up your files. After the 60-day period has lapsed we cannot guarantee if your file is still available so you may need to repurchase if you no longer have it.


Copyright Notices - PERSONAL USE ONLY

If you purchase digital download(s) this applies. Your downloadable file will not have watermarks and will be a higher quality than the displayed photo, 300dpi. No physical print will be mailed to you. You may use it to print it at home or professionally as many times as you'd like FOR PERSONAL USE. You may not forward, share, sell or distribute this artwork in any form. These files then can be saved to any data storage device, such as a USB flash drive, and taken to any major print or copy centre, including but not limited to FedEx Kinkos, Walmart, and Costco. The digital file allows you to have total freedom of the number of prints and the material you print on. A test print is advised to ensure that colours meet your expectations.


By purchasing our digital files, you agree they will be for personal use only. They may not be sold or reproduced for sale. Original copyright remains with Leanne Hopkins. They are protected by the UK and International Copyright laws.

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