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ID card Clues

To solve you will need these elements


   Clue 1   

As you examine the ID card closely, you notice peculiar symbols nestled in its corners. Haven't you seen these symbols before? Think back to your exploration of the journal. Indeed, they mirror an object within the journal's pages.

   Clue 2   

Now that you've identified the symbols on an object within the journal, consider their structure. This object, reminiscent of a clock, suggests a correlation between the symbols and numbers. Could these symbols be replacing the numbers on a clock face? The connection becomes clearer.

   Clue 3   

With the symbols now having numerical values, your next challenge lies in arranging them correctly. Turn your attention back to the ID card and Dr. Dawkins' 'keen sense of direction.' Think in cardinal directions: North, East, South, West. Apply these directions to the symbols' corresponding numbers, and a sequential pattern emerges.


Decipher the symbols on the journal's address book using the clock analogy, aligning them with numbers 1 through 12. Apply the cardinal directions from the ID card: North (6), East (9), South (4), West (12). This sequence, 69412, reflects the correct order of symbols, guiding you to unravel the mystery hidden within the ID card

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