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Key & Journal Clues

To solve you will need these elements


   Clue 1   

Within the pages of the journal, secrets often disguise themselves as mere shadows. Pay attention to the corners, where ink and imagination blend. A peculiar detail in the top left, a subtle dance of shapes, might hold a clandestine truth. 

   Clue 2   

The journal, a repository of enigmas, holds a secret in plain sight. Notice the resemblance, the echo of the key's shape in the top left corner. As you overlap the key and the pendant, a peculiar alignment occurs.
See how the key is like an arrow therein lies your answer, a numerical revelation encoded within the pages.


To unveil the code, observe the journal's page diagonally from the point of the key head. Overlay the key onto the shape in the top left corner, aligning them meticulously.
A number emerges: 723. 

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