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Typewritter Clues

To solve you will need these elements


  Code Clue  

You notice a set of seemingly random numbers and letters typed on the top of the paper, These letter are a coderemember the cipher on the Devil's Wheel? It might come in handy. Decrypt these coded letters and numbers using the Devil's Wheel cipher, and you'll unveil the location of the Cryptex: 'The Wailing Well.'

   Clue 2   

As you inspect the typewriter, a chilling realization strikes you – certain keys are stained with what appears to be dried blood. Whose blood could this be? Turning your attention to the journal of contacts, could any of these names lead you to the killer? Consider the bloodied keys – they might hold the key to uncovering the murderer's identity.

   Clue 3   

The typewriter, tainted with the mark of Samuel's tragedy, bears an  note signed in blood spatter. Could the bloodied keys provide a sinister clue? Look to the journal of contacts – within its pages might lie the name of the killer. The letters marked in Samuel's blood point you towards the truth: ASWENHOKLI are the stained keysNoel Hawkins' is the one you seek


Decipher the pigeon code using the Devil's Wheel cipher to reveal the Cryptex's location: 'The Wailing Well.' Additionally, the bloodied keys on the typewriter spell out the name 'Noel Hawkins,' leading you to the identity of Samuel's killer.

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