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Guitar + Records Flyer Clue

To solve you will need these elements


   Clue 1   

Notice the flyer's title format - it uses a plus sign instead of the word 'and.' Pay attention to the bands playing on the two nights. Their initial letters might be hiding something.

   Clue 2   

Think about the first letters of the bands playing on the flyer. What if they form a word? The initials seem to spell out 'PURPLE' and 'ORANGE.' Combine this discovery with the title's format ('Purple Guitars & Orange Records'). See if there's a pattern elsewhere that matches these words.


Turn your attention to the back of the flyer. You'll find a pattern there. Take the 'PURPLE GUITARS' and add them to the 'ORANGE RECORDS.' When you do, you'll get the first part of the code: 24.

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