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Nordisk Klang Clue

To solve you will need these elements


   Clue 1   

Examine the Scandinavian postcard closely, especially looking at the stickers - Do you notice anything?

   Clue 2   

Focus on the names on the postcard; they all contain Roman numerals. Your task is to decipher the number represented by each numeral in the names. Use the order indicated by the stickers (#1, an arrow, and a pointing finger) to arrange the Roman numerals. 


Start by translating the Roman numerals in the names on the postcard. Then, follow the order indicated by the stickers: #1 leads to (IX)9, the pointing finger to (XVI)16, and the arrow (V)5. Finally, the last locker indicates (iV)4. Arrange these numbers in the given order, and you'll have the complete code: 91654.

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