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Postcard Clue

To solve you will need these elements


   Clue 1   

Examine the handwritten text on the back of the Scandinavian postcard closely. Although it might appear to be in a foreign language, take a closer look. You'll realize that the text is written in reverse. Try reversing the text and see what it reveals. Start from the end and work your way backward. The reversed text conceals a cryptic riddle

   Clue 2   

Once you've successfully reversed the text, pay attention to the words and phrases. Focus on deciphering the meaning behind the riddle. Think about the elements mentioned and how they might relate to the disco theme and the environment of Stardust Palace. Consider the context carefully to unveil the answer to the riddle.


After reversing the text, you'll uncover a riddle that leads you to the location of the cryptex: 'Amidst the glamour, seek the reflection, where Celeste prepares to shine, among the echoes of sequins and behind the silver.' The answer to this riddle is the 'dressing room mirror,' where the cryptex is cleverly hidden.

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